5 Tips to Nail your Engagement Session

Being engagement is very exciting but can easily become frustrating when you’re planning everything on your own and you have so many questions. If you’re planning your engagement photoshoot, I’m sure you have an idea of what kind of photos you like and don’t like but… What should you wear? What should you do if you’re both awkward in front of the camera? And, how do you choose the right photographer?


1) Choose a photographer you trust and love.

Not everyone that has a camera is a photographer. A professional photographer should have a portfolio like a website where you can see at least one gallery and get an idea of how their photography and editing style looks like.

To add, your engagement session should be a fun and enjoyable experience. A professional photographer will ensure that you and your significant other don’t feel awkward during your session and will have you saying: “Well that was easy” or, “That was kind of fun” by the end of the photoshoot.

first look-29.jpg

2) That light though

Light is key to beautiful photos so have your session around golden hour. I always recommend couples to book their session around sunrise or sunset. Sunrise is my favorite time to photograph, specially around busy locations as they ensure that your photos won’t be photobombed by any tourists or other couples taking their photos in the same spot as you. For indoor sessions with natural light, midday light is best.

first look-2.jpg

3) Location location location

The location you choose for your photos will determine the overall mood and style of your photos. Before you choose to just settle for that park near your house that you haven’t even been to in months, think first about where you and your fiancé enjoy spending most of your time together and if any place in mind stands out to you guys like a coffee shop, a beach, a national park or even a bar. This way, your session feels a lot more natural and comfortable and less staged.


4) Wear neutrals

Neutral tones always look best in photographs as they compliment skin tones so well. Earthy tones won’t look messy or distracting like some loud patterns or bright colors can such as bright red or hot pink.

And while we’re on the topic of what to wear, I recommend wearing clothes that fit right. You want flowy, comfortable clothes you can breath in. If you can barely move or even sit down, you’ll spend the whole session uncomfortable and fixing yourself which will translate in your photos. If you really can’t decide between two outfits, I suggest wearing a casual one and then changing into something fancier halfway through your session. That way, you’ll have photos with two different looks.


5) Bring a prop

Props can be a really fun way to incorporate some personality and make your session extra special. You can add props such as bikes, your dog, donuts, guitars, a really rad motorcycle, etc.

Bonus tips: Get your hair, makeup and nails done. Get your ring cleaned before the session and don’t forget to remove your scrunchie from your wrist before the photoshoot. Most importantly; have fun!


Zulie Rego