Downtown Detroit Couple Session

I’ve been wanting to photograph couples in Detroit for a while since I visit the city several times a year and I’m so glad I met these two for my first session there. Detroit is typically cloudy in the afternoons but we were surprised with a very sunny sky during their session. It was a challenge to photograph and edit around the unforgiving sun but, overall, I think they way Emma and David love each other shined through a bit brighter and I think that’s all that matters right? #nopunintended

Rooftops are pretty awesome for sessions because they’re an empty canvas. You can keep it pretty simple like these babes or bring props like your doggo, champagne, confetti, balloons, smoke bombs, a parachute to jump from the rooftop at the end for the most epic photos (ok I’m kidding about that last one hahah).. But seriously, don’t skip on little gems around your city just because most people take their photos at that local park everyone knows about.