South Pointe Park, Miami Beach Engagement

I’m currently sitting in an all white cafè sipping on a rose latte trying to put together all the best words to describe Naomi and Javi and their sunset session in one of my favorite places in Miami Beach. One of the special things about being a photographer is getting to experience how couples love each other and how they express that love despite a stranger with a big-ole camera in front of them. On the hour of their session, we encountered winds so strong that Naomi’s hair was filled with knots halfway through the hour and typically, in these situations where nature shows herself a bit too fiercely, couples turn into little argument and complain machines while I stand there awkwardly holding my heavy camera trying to think of ways I can make everyone happy again. Instead however, Naomi laughed the whole way through while Javi attempted to fight the wind off her hair with his fingertips and, I think, that made their photos feel a lot more authentic and natural than if the wind wouldn’t have paid a visit.

I think your photos as well as life itself becomes a lot more lively and good when you decide to dance and laugh through the parts you can’t really control. If you encounter rain, too much sun, no sun, too much wind, not enough of it, or even flying bugs, dance around and have fun anyway. It may sound like a stretch but after photographing a countless amount of couples, I’m pretty dang sure if Naomi and Javi can giggle and laugh their way through their windy ah session they can get through any annoying/inconvenient things life throws at them.

Here’s all my favorites from their session. Enjoy!

Zulie Rego